UPPSEC -In English

UPPSEC is a company that provides information security and cyber security services. UPPSEC performs consultancy assignments, audits and education in the field.

UPPSEC AB is owned and operated by Lars Söderlund. Lars is a senior information security expert with 20 years of experience in the field. Lars is a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) and ISMP (Information Security Professional). Through its long experience and active participation in the development of Swedish and global standards, UPPSEC can support organizations in a unique way and introduce a systematic way of working in an operational manner. UPPSEC AB supports both small and large organizations, both private and public in terms of information security, cyber security and data protection.

UPPSEC AB are active members of the Swedish and international standardization. UPPSEC AB is a member of the SIS TK 318 and employs the role of chairman of AG 11, which is the Swedish mirror group of ISO / IEC jTC 1 SC 27 WG 1, which manages management standards in the information security area within the ISO / IEC 27000 series. Work on standardization means UPPSEC AB participates in international standardization work in the following groups:

ISO / IEC JTC 1 SC 27 WG1, WG 4 and WG 5
In addition to the standardization, UPPSEC AB member is in SIG Security and ISACA Sweden chapter.